Hello, I'm Star, a visual artist based in Brooklyn, New York. I'm excited to present a fusion of beautiful art collection with an ecosystem on the blockchain, born from my experiences as both a creator and collector in the Web 3.0 realm.

My projects emphasizes building an immersive art and social experiment for the community using the blockchain as a medium which can bring many constraints. I encourage you to view these limitations not as obstacles but rather as catalysts for creativity and transformative thinking.

Experimentation & Collaboration

This ongoing experimentation with machine learning is pivotal in unearthing valuable insights into my creative process. All interactions, and the dynamics the AI generate, are as integral to comprehending the project's mechanics as the final artworks are to conveying the results of this digital art experiment. 

This venture transcends the mere creation of art; it's about forging a relationship-driven creative space where every output has the potential to shape the narrative of the ecosystem. I'll continue to experiment in Web 3.0 starting with a simple theory and concept using the blockchain as a medium.

Remember to question everything.

Be yourself and explore any persona you desire; you are welcome here.

Let's begin.
-Star Im