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Imagination 797

Imagination 797

By Star Im

Reveal Moving Art / Burn Redeem

"The Singularity of Art" is a collection of short film animations that delve into conceptual contemporary art, embracing machine learning to craft visual and auditory experiences solely derived from my imagination.

The pieces within this collection are my personal thoughts, created to be shared and interpreted through your imagination.

Each work can be subject to unique interpretations and perceptions, akin to personal thoughts, dreams, or cherished memories. Much like your imagination, these creative interpretations are boundless.

This collection delves into the realm of 'Imagination,' an artificial creation where machines can manifest anything except the initial spark of creative thought. It explores the collaboration and experimentation between human (The Player) and machine (The Instrument), aiming to produce something of exquisite harmony.

Contained within this art collection are distinctive, abstract, dream-like experiences, beginning with an Anomaly A.I. and encompassing figurative-abstractions, paintings, sculptures, printmaking, movements, colors, and emotions while concluding with the same artwork, forming a loop (Déjà-vu) that symbolizes the repetition and rituals of our daily life, thereby shedding light on their significance or mundanity.

I’ve added the five elemental forces: earth, water, fire, air, and ether (spirit), representing the essentials of life for humanity and giving life to these artworks. All creations in this collection are derived from the datasets of Anomaly A.I.

This collection is on the blockchain (ipfs), providing an immersive art & social experience that fits in the palm of your hand. *Note: For the optimal experience: I recommend a clean screen (iPad, iPhone, Retina display) and putting on quality headphones that can handle low-frequency hertz bass.

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