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Inscription #66027361

Inscription #66027361

By Star Im

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"HUMAN AI" represents a venture into generative AI art by Brooklyn-based visual artist, Star Im. This art collection, marking Star's inaugural foray into on-chain art, harnesses the power of Bitcoin Ordinals, drawing from a distinctive training derived from his previous Ethereum-based projects, "Anomaly AI" and "The Singularity of Art." Star Im infuses this collection with layers of creative depth, technical complexity, and innovation, making it a must-have for art enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Exploring the intricate relationship between humans and AI in today's digital landscape, "HUMAN AI" delves into the nuanced journey of mutual evolution, highlighting the delicate balance between organic and engineered intelligence. Through a myriad of perspectives, the collection encapsulates the emotions and pivotal moments of its subjects.

Comprising 1,111 high-quality AI-generated artworks, "HUMAN AI" stands as one of the pioneering art collections to feature high-resolution art on Bitcoin, with each piece boasting dimensions of 888x1586 pixels. Carefully curated, compressed, and stored #on-chain, the average artwork size hovers around 100KB, culminating in a total collection size of 117 MB.

The "Runes Collection" pays homage to the Runstones+#RSIC movement/Ordinals culture on Bitcoin, offering an artistic interpretation infused with the symbolic runic alphabet adorning each artwork's bottom left corner. Serving as both a categorization tool and rarity indicator, this addition enhances engagement and transparency within the collection, inviting viewers to delve deeper into its intricacies.
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